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Friday, July 1, 2011

Cache of the Month

Little did I know, but recently my cache outside of Mellen "Mt. Whittlesey" (GC141TC) was nominated and then chosen as the Northern region Cache of the Month in Wisconsin.  Not something I was expecting given the cache has been out for a few years, but glad that it was honored.  It was the first cache I placed back in 2007, and the location itself brings back lots of memories for me.  In second grade we hiked up to the top for a field trip and that was the first time I experienced the view of Mellen and beyond.  Later, it became one of my favorite training runs during the high school cross country season.  It's 6 miles round trip and a vertical climb of 700 feet with most of that happening in the last mile.  I loved exploring the ruins in the area while riding the ATV trails and discovering even more of the local history.  Of all of the caches I have placed, this still remains my favorite.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

northwoods caching... so much better.

In the last week I've had a chance to do two full days of caching...  One up north, one in Madison.  I realize after caching up north how much I miss caching in Arizona (weird thought, but I'll explain in a bit).

The northwoods day of caching was not exactly the best weather.  It was about 45 degrees and raining.  Of course the target that day was over a mile into the woods with multiple stream crossings... basically no way of staying dry no matter how hard we tried.   Overall it was still a great adventure with Hayward Cheesehead and krymdog.  We hit GCNMJF - Lost Falls near Cornucopia and then six or seven around the area.  Afterwards, I met up with CommanderUSN who happened to be in the neighborhood for work and did 10 more in the Hayward area.  Overall a very successful day...  great caches found, great area to cache in, and even the weather helped add to the adventure.
Caching in northern Wisconsin reminds me of caching in Arizona.  Where I first started caching, there were lots of caches spread out in the desert and a few in town that highlighted special spots in the city.  Even the caches in the city were fun to do because they brought you to unique locations.  The caches in the desert were an experience to do...  never just a quick one without something special.  Even in the desert you had great scenery, difficult terrain, or some other feature making it worthwhile.

Now caching the city has started to wear on me.  I admit the first time through in Madison it was a lot of fun because it brought be to all parts of town and I hadn't been to many before.  Now as I cache more and more in the area, I realize they just aren't nearly as fun.  I'm spoiled from caching in AZ and NW WI and like the cache to mean something.  I can handle a difficult container in a nondescript location because I realize it's more about the container in this instance, but throwing a cache in a spot just to place one there no longer motivates me to cache down here.  Searching for a micro in a location that could have a 5-gallon pail without someone noticing it just isn't fun.  Caches in drainage areas don't float my boat...  neither does that random guardrail.  I still hold out hope when I see a new cache, and there are some really good new ones, but it just feels that four out of five are just not worth the time and effort anymore.

Monday, April 18, 2011

a trip up north

Wasn't expecting to actually have a weekend off... since I haven't had a true Saturday and Sunday since last May.  We decided to head north to visit my mom and grab a few caches.  I was looking for a milestone cache along the trip as well.  We went over to Ironwood, MI for some fresh pasties from one of the best bakeries in the north, then grabbed a few caches in the UP.  Headed back across toward Ashland and decided to visit Potato River Falls (GC14AJF) for #2600.  The falls were roaring, but it was pretty cold with the 4 inches of snow that had fallen early Saturday morning.  Seriously, it's past the halfway point of APRIL... shouldn't we be done with snow?

Anyway, headed back to Madison on Sunday, and stopped in Fifield for an FTF.  Headed down the road hoping for a second, but saw fresh tracks in the snow.  Wish I would have paid attention on the way up... both caches have been sitting out there waiting to be found for over a week.  I could have doubled my total!

What a way to start the season

I had my first varsity game of the spring soccer season last week, and ended up starting it off with a bang.  I realize that you can't please both coaches all the time, and I never expect to... but sometimes you would hope that coaches handle all aspects of the game as well as others, especially the losing part.
Game ends up tied at the end of regulation, so we go to overtime.  A girl for the home team only 3 minutes into the first OT attempts to trap a ball off her chest, but hits it with her arm.  Twice.  I call the penalty kick right away, and the game winning goal is scored.  As my assistant referees and I are signing the paperwork, the losing coach comes over and says to my AR "that was a really tough call with the sun in your eyes."  I turned to her and immediately informed her it was my call, not his... and the sun was at my back.  You know it's an obvious call when all three people at the scorers table see it and say it was a PK. 

Maybe someday coaches will figure it out...  and I say this as a former varsity coach.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

power trail on the horizon

since I haven't had much time for caching lately, a lot of new caches have started to accumulate around me.  There's enough in the area for two full days of caching, plus a bike trail with 50 or so caches that would add another day about 15 miles away.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a full day of caching, and next week finishing anything I missed.

In two weeks I'm heading to an event in Oshkosh after the EAA Fly-In.  Last time I was there was about 5 years ago, so it'll be cool to check it out again.  Because of my work schedule I don't get to many events anymore, so it's nice to see a weeknight event.  If you're going to be around for some caching before or after the event, let me know.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

no new caching... but a new house!

haven't had much of a chance in the last month for caching... in fact i've only found one cache since May 13th.  we closed on the house May 25th, and have finally gotten everything nearly unpacked.  only a few random boxes left, and then I can start working on some of the fun stuff.  most of the garage is organized, just needs a few more toys.  a few updates will be needed, but it'll be a fun ongoing project.  we'll have pics up on facebook tomorrow most likely... just waiting for the weather to cooperate a bit more.  so far, i've only been able to mow the front half of the lawn.  the back will just have to wait until wednesday or thursday.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

house time...

A week from today we finally close on our new house.  not sure how many days I'll be able to cache in the next month as we get everything moved over and done the way we want it.  First step will be the kitchen...  the wallpaper needs to go, and so does the paint on the cabinets.  after that we have a few small things to take care of, but it's basically move-in ready.

last week caching was quite the adventure...  Smashing Ground and I decided to do The Artful Dodger (GC585B) in Gov. Dodge State Park.  to put it lightly, it did not end well.  all total, it was 6.5 miles of up and down trails and a DNF.  decided to come back another day to figure it out and went for a few other earthcaches in the park instead. 

This week I took the bike to Milton for the Whimsical Tails series before a soccer match.  The trail was in really good shape, but nearly half of the caches were not.  It was disappointing to see how many of them had fallen into disrepair or had disappeared completely.

hopefully tomorrow the rain will hold off...  heading to Rockford, Il with Commander.  He's looking for a big day, so hopefully we can hit close to 50.