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Monday, April 18, 2011

What a way to start the season

I had my first varsity game of the spring soccer season last week, and ended up starting it off with a bang.  I realize that you can't please both coaches all the time, and I never expect to... but sometimes you would hope that coaches handle all aspects of the game as well as others, especially the losing part.
Game ends up tied at the end of regulation, so we go to overtime.  A girl for the home team only 3 minutes into the first OT attempts to trap a ball off her chest, but hits it with her arm.  Twice.  I call the penalty kick right away, and the game winning goal is scored.  As my assistant referees and I are signing the paperwork, the losing coach comes over and says to my AR "that was a really tough call with the sun in your eyes."  I turned to her and immediately informed her it was my call, not his... and the sun was at my back.  You know it's an obvious call when all three people at the scorers table see it and say it was a PK. 

Maybe someday coaches will figure it out...  and I say this as a former varsity coach.

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