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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Event Season

The next month brings 3 events I'm attending. I'm finally going to an official WGA event on Saturday at the chili feed, then the Madison pizza meet and greet, and then a pancake feed outside of Janesville. what's going to be fun is that all 3 are going to be in different areas, so will have different geocachers at each of them. it's coming at a perfect time too, since basketball season is done at the end of this week. I have a few varsity games left and then get a month off before soccer gears up.

the countdown is also on for the second trip to Bristol for the spring NASCAR race. we'll probably cache on the way down, and planning a quick side trip over to North Carolina to add another state to the list... last year was an awesome experience, and now we're even better prepared for it, so should be a great time.

sadly, I didn't get the Board of Directors position in the WGA. wasn't really holding out too much hope though. not many people know me online since Madison cachers don't really frequent the website, and before my nomination I wasn't exactly a vocal member. Maybe in a few years with more appearances at the WGA events will help. oh well.