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Saturday, November 14, 2009

a new hide

Last week i hid a nano cache on a cannon... kind of a spur of the moment thing. i saw a park in downtown Oregon that was being redone, and noticed that they cleaned up and remounted a howitzer on the end of it. there aren't a whole lot of caches in Oregon, so i decided to add one more. 6 straight official DNFs to start, and a few unofficial, and i guess i hid a pretty tough one. gave the hint as a note on the page and finally got two finds. it seems to still be eluding people. i feel kinda bad, but at the same time i don't... since i've searched high and low to find similar hides. i think i'm still going to do one on the tank back home in Mellen though. not going to be too many searchers for that one being in the northwoods.

today was also my first traveling cache find. the commander has a traveling cache that's still going after 7 years and 56,000 miles. discovered a few coins inside... but there wasn't much room left to leave anything.

Monday, November 2, 2009

end of the fall soccer season

a funny video for you before you read...
Referees Deserve Respect

I finally finished my last tournament of the season this weekend at Reddan. just in time too... my shoes are split near the sole from all the games I've done. counting high school and club matches since august (and one tournament in July), I've officiated 96 games. I've looked back to see how many more games I had to turn down due to being out of town or other non-soccer commitments, and my total would have been 112. that comes out to over a game a day from August through October, and even more considering I did no games on Wednesdays due to playing racquetball.

It was a successful season for me though, besides regular season games and random club tournaments, I was chosen to officiate at the Girls State Cup this year, chosen to do the Midwest Regional League, and had a WIAA playoff game. Next year I will be upgrading another level, and was told at the State Cup they wanted me to upgrade to a State level referee by the end of the following season.

now I have 3 weeks to rest up before basketball season starts up.