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Monday, April 18, 2011

a trip up north

Wasn't expecting to actually have a weekend off... since I haven't had a true Saturday and Sunday since last May.  We decided to head north to visit my mom and grab a few caches.  I was looking for a milestone cache along the trip as well.  We went over to Ironwood, MI for some fresh pasties from one of the best bakeries in the north, then grabbed a few caches in the UP.  Headed back across toward Ashland and decided to visit Potato River Falls (GC14AJF) for #2600.  The falls were roaring, but it was pretty cold with the 4 inches of snow that had fallen early Saturday morning.  Seriously, it's past the halfway point of APRIL... shouldn't we be done with snow?

Anyway, headed back to Madison on Sunday, and stopped in Fifield for an FTF.  Headed down the road hoping for a second, but saw fresh tracks in the snow.  Wish I would have paid attention on the way up... both caches have been sitting out there waiting to be found for over a week.  I could have doubled my total!

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