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Friday, July 1, 2011

Cache of the Month

Little did I know, but recently my cache outside of Mellen "Mt. Whittlesey" (GC141TC) was nominated and then chosen as the Northern region Cache of the Month in Wisconsin.  Not something I was expecting given the cache has been out for a few years, but glad that it was honored.  It was the first cache I placed back in 2007, and the location itself brings back lots of memories for me.  In second grade we hiked up to the top for a field trip and that was the first time I experienced the view of Mellen and beyond.  Later, it became one of my favorite training runs during the high school cross country season.  It's 6 miles round trip and a vertical climb of 700 feet with most of that happening in the last mile.  I loved exploring the ruins in the area while riding the ATV trails and discovering even more of the local history.  Of all of the caches I have placed, this still remains my favorite.

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