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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

house time...

A week from today we finally close on our new house.  not sure how many days I'll be able to cache in the next month as we get everything moved over and done the way we want it.  First step will be the kitchen...  the wallpaper needs to go, and so does the paint on the cabinets.  after that we have a few small things to take care of, but it's basically move-in ready.

last week caching was quite the adventure...  Smashing Ground and I decided to do The Artful Dodger (GC585B) in Gov. Dodge State Park.  to put it lightly, it did not end well.  all total, it was 6.5 miles of up and down trails and a DNF.  decided to come back another day to figure it out and went for a few other earthcaches in the park instead. 

This week I took the bike to Milton for the Whimsical Tails series before a soccer match.  The trail was in really good shape, but nearly half of the caches were not.  It was disappointing to see how many of them had fallen into disrepair or had disappeared completely.

hopefully tomorrow the rain will hold off...  heading to Rockford, Il with Commander.  He's looking for a big day, so hopefully we can hit close to 50.

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